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EVE Enterprise

The  building and  display  of  the  internal  space of EVE  headquarters were  designed  according  to  EVE   stories  and   culture  by  EVE  designers. The  decoration  mixes  eastern and western aesthetics  together ,  the whole presents a "strong modern taste, light Chinese wind"  style. 

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EVE fashion space

Steel pipes concrete and green tall and straight bamboo forest,the  primitive simplicity and elegant  bamboo curtain  and   three-dimensional geometry  screen ……Under the creativity of the main line, the expression of design has more tension.

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EVE Castle

It locates  in  the  Garden Expo Park  which  beside the Beijing Yongding  river.  As  a  worldwide  fashion  creative  design center  managed by  EVE  GROUP,  it brings  all  kinds of  talents  mainly  in  global design, creativity, science and technology  and traditional handicraft together. Meanwhile, EVE GROUP  allies with high-end sedan company,  fashion  brand, media group  and  other   famous  agencies  to organize   activities   including  culture exhibition, news conference, fashion shows, charity party  in  the  castle,  making  it  a  new hub of the world  fashion  culture  and   a   fresh  landmark  of  fashion  art.

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